Secret Sandy Santa

TMLA ’93 sister watches her life on the curb

Secret Sandy Santa

Let’s make this happen, ladies.

Chip-in for a “Secret Sandy Santa” to help this Long Beach family with two toddlers.

More details on the link:

The whole story:

Christmas is quickly approaching. In the spirit of the holiday season, I am asking each of you to help a fellow TMLA sister by donating just $10.00

We have all felt and seen the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Karissa Nash (Rivera), TMLA ’93 doesn’t know I put this together, so this will be a Secret “Sandy” Santa surprise.

The goal is to purchase a Visa Gift Card, signed with Love and Hope from your TMLA sisters. Everyone who donated will be listed on the Sandy Santa card.

$10 buys you a martini, or it can help give a family some peace of mind and dignity during the holidays.

Karissa lives in the canals area of Long Beach with her husband and two toddlers. They are currently displaced until their home has walls, floors and heat again.

A one story ranch in Long Beach-vs- Sandy didn’t fare too well. The house is gutted down to the beams and much of their belongings are gone.

In the true Hilltopper spirit, Karissa was more concerned about her neighbors whose homes went on fire, rather than her own flooded destruction.

I know we all have our struggles, but a small $10 sacrifice will help get this family back on their feet.

Her husband would KILL ME if he knew about this, so this is a complete surprise and low-key gift to the family from Karissa’s “sisters”.

This picture is of their home, after the 2nd round of throwing their life onto the curb. They filled the curb 3 times. First of furniture, clothes, food- look around your house- everything you see. 2nd the heavy stuff- appliances, boiler, etc… 3rd the floors, walls, ceilings…

Please donate $10.00 by clicking on this secure link. This will go into my PayPal. Once this Chip-In expires on 12/20, I will upload a picture of the Visa Gift Card and the special letter from everyone who donated.

If you have a specific question/concern, you can reach me at e-mail:

Thank you in advance for your continuing compassion and sisterhood.

With gratitude,

Angela Rocchi (Tarnok)
TMLA ’93

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