Cotton Tshirts needed

Creativity in CottonImage

Creativity in Cotton

Sitting in traffic every morning, I try thinking up great ideas to help people- in this case to help shelter pets.

Traffic-Brain-Storming paid off!

I am going to use my sewing skills and creativity to turn your old cotton t-shirts into cute apparel for dogs to wear at the upcoming Adoption Event at the Islip Animal Shelter.

Since the event is in October, there is time to create a bunch of dog duds that can be sold during the event. All proceeds will go directly to Shelter Link (the non-profit organization involved with Islip Animal Shelter).

Fall is approaching quickly. Before you pack away your summer clothes, please sort out any unwanted cotton t-shirts.

Even cooler- I will take a before and after picture of your donated t-shirt, so you can see how it was used!

There are so many ways to help out these shelter pets. Visit Shelter Link’s site to learn more:

Please contact me so I can pick up your donated cotton t-shirts. <>

Feel good knowing you made a neglected dog happy 🙂

~ Love is a Wagging Tail ~

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