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Active Doggie’s first post!

Welcome to Active Doggie + Run Dog Islip

Dog Exercising by Angela

My company name is still a work in progress. Until that minor detail is resolved, I am working under my name Angela. Stay tuned for the revealing of our company name! It’s a lot harder than it sounds to decide on a name for your brand.

So, what is this idea that I am selling?

I decided to combine three things that I love to create a service you need:

Outdoors, Exercise and Dogs

Dog Exercising!

Dog Exercising? Huh? How did I think of this? When I bring my dogs to the vet, I can’t help but wonder why there are so many obese dogs. There is even a board for a “Biggest Loser” contest with obese dogs and cats to lose weight.

Just like us, dogs are starting to see the effects of lack of exercise and improper nutrition. After consulting with your vet about an exercise program for your dog, please call me to book an exciting and energy packed exercise session.

I am a very active dog owner. We are all pressed for time. I saw that going to the gym and then coming home to exercise my dogs was good, but I knew that I could do better. My dogs were getting about 10 miles per day of walking, but I was shocked to find out that they were still too heavy. It was embarrassing to be told that if they do not get more exercise, they will need to go on a dog diet. How could this be? I thought the walks were enough.

Being an educated and responsible adult, I decided to read more about dog exercising and possible ways to get my dogs into better shape. After reading and consulting with my vet, I started to gradually introduce interval running segments into the daily walks. What a difference! My dogs were happy and for the first time EXHAUSTED when we got home. Instead of a casual 10 mile hike, they were able to release their energy in a 45 minute High Intensity Exercise segment.

What is High Intensity? I took lessons that I learned from my own athletic training and applied it to Dog Exercise. Basically, I let the dogs do their working walk (sniffing, relief), then pick up the pace to a brisk walk. Depending on ability, intervals of brisk walk and jogging/sprints are added. Just like us, I end the session with a gradual cool down (slow the walking pace) and make sure we are all properly hydrated.

I absolutely love seeing the improved leash behavior, weight control and happiness of my dogs. Let me help you exercise your best friend.

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With gratitude,


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