Feeling left out?

Say cheese! Adopt me please!

After reading about our creative exercise offerings, are you feeling left out because you do not have a dog?

There are 4 things you can do right now:

  1. Adopt a dog:   If you are ready to make a commitment and be a responsible dog owner, go to your local shelter and talk to the staff/kennel attendants. Give them an idea on your activity level and the kind of personality of a dog you want- they will show you dogs that complement your lifestyle! (If you want extra good Karma, adopt and older/harder to place dog).
  2. Foster a dog:  Make a difference in the life of a shelter dog and help them get adopted. Learn more from your local animal shelter on how you can become a foster. Check out Shelter Link for more info: http://shelterlink.com/
  3. Donate to a local shelter: Shelters are always in need of donations. Whether it be towels, food, money or simply your time. If you are in the Islip area, please visit the Islip Animal Shelter on Denver Avenue in Bay Shore (off Sunrise Highway, near the Kohl’s shopping center).
  4. Borrow a dog:  Help out an elderly neighbor or a relative and borrow their dog for a while. If you feel you are ready for a dog, then go back to step #1 above!

Thanks for reading!

With gratitude,


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