Secret Sandy Santa

TMLA ’93 sister watches her life on the curb

Secret Sandy Santa

Let’s make this happen, ladies.

Chip-in for a “Secret Sandy Santa” to help this Long Beach family with two toddlers.

More details on the link:

The whole story:

Christmas is quickly approaching. In the spirit of the holiday season, I am asking each of you to help a fellow TMLA sister by donating just $10.00

We have all felt and seen the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Karissa Nash (Rivera), TMLA ’93 doesn’t know I put this together, so this will be a Secret “Sandy” Santa surprise.

The goal is to purchase a Visa Gift Card, signed with Love and Hope from your TMLA sisters. Everyone who donated will be listed on the Sandy Santa card.

$10 buys you a martini, or it can help give a family some peace of mind and dignity during the holidays.

Karissa lives in the canals area of Long Beach with her husband and two toddlers. They are currently displaced until their home has walls, floors and heat again.

A one story ranch in Long Beach-vs- Sandy didn’t fare too well. The house is gutted down to the beams and much of their belongings are gone.

In the true Hilltopper spirit, Karissa was more concerned about her neighbors whose homes went on fire, rather than her own flooded destruction.

I know we all have our struggles, but a small $10 sacrifice will help get this family back on their feet.

Her husband would KILL ME if he knew about this, so this is a complete surprise and low-key gift to the family from Karissa’s “sisters”.

This picture is of their home, after the 2nd round of throwing their life onto the curb. They filled the curb 3 times. First of furniture, clothes, food- look around your house- everything you see. 2nd the heavy stuff- appliances, boiler, etc… 3rd the floors, walls, ceilings…

Please donate $10.00 by clicking on this secure link. This will go into my PayPal. Once this Chip-In expires on 12/20, I will upload a picture of the Visa Gift Card and the special letter from everyone who donated.

If you have a specific question/concern, you can reach me at e-mail:

Thank you in advance for your continuing compassion and sisterhood.

With gratitude,

Angela Rocchi (Tarnok)
TMLA ’93

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Cotton Tshirts needed

Creativity in CottonImage

Creativity in Cotton

Sitting in traffic every morning, I try thinking up great ideas to help people- in this case to help shelter pets.

Traffic-Brain-Storming paid off!

I am going to use my sewing skills and creativity to turn your old cotton t-shirts into cute apparel for dogs to wear at the upcoming Adoption Event at the Islip Animal Shelter.

Since the event is in October, there is time to create a bunch of dog duds that can be sold during the event. All proceeds will go directly to Shelter Link (the non-profit organization involved with Islip Animal Shelter).

Fall is approaching quickly. Before you pack away your summer clothes, please sort out any unwanted cotton t-shirts.

Even cooler- I will take a before and after picture of your donated t-shirt, so you can see how it was used!

There are so many ways to help out these shelter pets. Visit Shelter Link’s site to learn more:

Please contact me so I can pick up your donated cotton t-shirts. <>

Feel good knowing you made a neglected dog happy 🙂

~ Love is a Wagging Tail ~

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Feeling left out?

Say cheese! Adopt me please!

After reading about our creative exercise offerings, are you feeling left out because you do not have a dog?

There are 4 things you can do right now:

  1. Adopt a dog:   If you are ready to make a commitment and be a responsible dog owner, go to your local shelter and talk to the staff/kennel attendants. Give them an idea on your activity level and the kind of personality of a dog you want- they will show you dogs that complement your lifestyle! (If you want extra good Karma, adopt and older/harder to place dog).
  2. Foster a dog:  Make a difference in the life of a shelter dog and help them get adopted. Learn more from your local animal shelter on how you can become a foster. Check out Shelter Link for more info:
  3. Donate to a local shelter: Shelters are always in need of donations. Whether it be towels, food, money or simply your time. If you are in the Islip area, please visit the Islip Animal Shelter on Denver Avenue in Bay Shore (off Sunrise Highway, near the Kohl’s shopping center).
  4. Borrow a dog:  Help out an elderly neighbor or a relative and borrow their dog for a while. If you feel you are ready for a dog, then go back to step #1 above!

Thanks for reading!

With gratitude,


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Doggie and Me classes forming now

“Doggie and Me” Classes

You and your dog walk alongside me as we go through High Intensity exercises that both YOU and your dog can enjoy.

This is a Fun and Creative way to learn how to get fit while exercising your dog! This class is outdoors during all weather conditions. Dress appropriately. Be prepared to burn calories, have fun and bond with your dog.

Private 60 minute session; rate $35.00 per session  – schedule anytime. One-on-Two Meeting  (me meeting with you and your dog)

Group 60 minute session; rate $28.00 per session  – group session dates vary. Group instruction (other dogs and owners will be present)

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Active Doggie + Run Dog Islip

Run Dog Islip

Fire Island beach run in the fall

Active Doggie’s first post!

Welcome to Active Doggie + Run Dog Islip

Dog Exercising by Angela

My company name is still a work in progress. Until that minor detail is resolved, I am working under my name Angela. Stay tuned for the revealing of our company name! It’s a lot harder than it sounds to decide on a name for your brand.

So, what is this idea that I am selling?

I decided to combine three things that I love to create a service you need:

Outdoors, Exercise and Dogs

Dog Exercising!

Dog Exercising? Huh? How did I think of this? When I bring my dogs to the vet, I can’t help but wonder why there are so many obese dogs. There is even a board for a “Biggest Loser” contest with obese dogs and cats to lose weight.

Just like us, dogs are starting to see the effects of lack of exercise and improper nutrition. After consulting with your vet about an exercise program for your dog, please call me to book an exciting and energy packed exercise session.

I am a very active dog owner. We are all pressed for time. I saw that going to the gym and then coming home to exercise my dogs was good, but I knew that I could do better. My dogs were getting about 10 miles per day of walking, but I was shocked to find out that they were still too heavy. It was embarrassing to be told that if they do not get more exercise, they will need to go on a dog diet. How could this be? I thought the walks were enough.

Being an educated and responsible adult, I decided to read more about dog exercising and possible ways to get my dogs into better shape. After reading and consulting with my vet, I started to gradually introduce interval running segments into the daily walks. What a difference! My dogs were happy and for the first time EXHAUSTED when we got home. Instead of a casual 10 mile hike, they were able to release their energy in a 45 minute High Intensity Exercise segment.

What is High Intensity? I took lessons that I learned from my own athletic training and applied it to Dog Exercise. Basically, I let the dogs do their working walk (sniffing, relief), then pick up the pace to a brisk walk. Depending on ability, intervals of brisk walk and jogging/sprints are added. Just like us, I end the session with a gradual cool down (slow the walking pace) and make sure we are all properly hydrated.

I absolutely love seeing the improved leash behavior, weight control and happiness of my dogs. Let me help you exercise your best friend.

Please browse through this blog site and friend us on Facebook <http:/>

With gratitude,


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